Figuring out your next career move can be a stressful process. At the same time, it’s an opportunity to think about your life purpose, your personal values and strengths, and how they are integrated into a successful career search.

We have a flexible process: ranging from a comprehensive one for someone beginning to think about “what’s next?” to a highly targeted process for someone who wants assistance and support on the “nuts and bolts” of the job search.

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Our approach is personalized for each client's needs. Clients drive the scheduling of sessions. Typically, we start off meeting bi-weekly and shift to less frequent meetings when clients are actively pursuing work opportunities. The client will be assigned homework activities between sessions. Finally, our package offers 24/7 access because AB strategies is your chief cheerleader and sounding board during this transition.

We describe our career transition approach as 4 phases, with some overlap between them:

  1. What is my brand? We explore values, confirmed strengths, when you are “in the flow”, and the preferences and practical necessities that you have for your next career move. Outcomes include a personal branding statement and definition of the key elements that you require in your next role.

  2. Where do I want to work? We explore (as relevant) sectors, industries, and companies. We delve into how to best research them, how to conduct the most effective informational interviews, and how to use your networks to the ultimate advantage to get you noticed by your preferred potential employers.

  3. What is my tool kit? We ensure that your CV is compelling and that your cover letter template is strong and differentiates you from others. We hone your personal branding statement, and career storyboard.

  4. How do I “block and tackle” to achieve my career goal? We help you develop a career search plan, we practice interviewing techniques and how to respond to a variety of interview questions, and we provide support during the search process.

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