SE, Nonprofit Executive, New York State

Antonia not only helped me grow as a leader and manager, she helped me turn my team around. When we started my team that was hindered by a lack of trust and cooperation, and by the time we completed the coaching sessions, I had a happier, more productive and collaborative team. I can draw a straight line from Antonia's expert coaching to better outcomes for my organization, and am extremely grateful to have had the chance to work with her.

Christina, CEO & Founder, National Food Business, New York City

Antonia has been an incredible resource for both myself and my talented, eager team. She has helped us reset our approach to communication and team building in this next phase of our expansion.

PN, Attorney, Financial Services, New York City

I met Antonia through the Financial Women’s Association. Antonia successfully coached our group of four and created a positive dynamic amongst us. Her coaching guided us through goal setting for personal and professional development, assessment of our progress, accountability and eventually accomplishment of the goals. I was privileged to have Antonia as my coach.

Melanie, Digital Strategy and Product Consultant, New York City

Antonia helped me determine that the right next step was launching my own consulting business. She listens carefully and crafts a personalized action plan to help you grow and succeed. She is smart, personable, inspiring and motivational. I couldn't recommend Antonia more highly.

Yasmina, Executive, International Nonprofit Organization, New York City

Antonia helped me overcome personal and professional hurdles and the impact couldn’t be more tangible since I was just promoted! She helped me break down fears that were holding me back and develop a clear plan to move forward, take action, and demystify the work of leading others.

Peter, Executive, International Investment Firm, New York City

Transitions toward retirement are both exhilarating and unnerving. Often there seem to be too many paths to explore. And the key is to develop a process that helps you hone in on the very best options – even as those options are not the most obvious. Antonia has painstakingly helped me develop that process and to really think critically about the pathways best suited to my long-term goals. She is all you want in a coach- thoughtful, smart, inquisitive, creative and persistent. She has been an enormous resource for me.

Claudia, Executive, International Nonprofit Organization, New York City

Antonia expertly guided me through the challenging process of successfully returning to full-time work after a hiatus to raise children. With the perfect combination of empathy and incisiveness, she helped me to see personal strengths and selling points I hadn't even recognized in myself, and held my feet to the fire throughout the process.

John, Executive, Private Banking, Chicago

Antonia helped me sort through much confusion and set realistic goals for the future during a career transition. She was a sensitive and critical listener – a perfect mix of thoughtful, insightful and pragmatic. She helped me to focus on my real motivations and objectives. I would highly recommend Antonia.

Samantha, Executive Vice President, Financial Services, New York City

Antonia helped me through a tremendously challenging time when I was managing a new job and a loss of a close family member. She challenged me look at situations with a different lens and to try new tactics to optimize performance. I greatly appreciated her candid feedback.

YBC, Executive, Nonprofit Direct Service Agency, New York City

After interviewing with two organizations without a job offer, I contacted Antonia before interviewing with a third organization. There is no doubt in my mind that without her, there is a strong possibility I would not have landed my new job, which is a big step up in my career ladder.

Molly, Philanthropy Executive, New York City

Making the time to work with Antonia was the best decision I could have made. She is the perfect combination of listener, experienced professional and mentor. She pushed me out of my comfort zone, while maintaining a sense of humor and fun. The one-on-one meetings, homework assignments, and the ability to contact her with questions or ideas throughout the process, not only helped me learn what I wanted from my next position, it led me to find it.