What I learned from Tim Ferriss and Atul Gawande at TED 2017


First, Atul Gawande talked about the value of regular coaching for community health workers in Liberia as a strategy to improve their skills in an environment that lacks even the most basic learning infrastructure. His talk reinforced for me that we all need supportive networks and structures to develop awareness, receive feedback, and realign our intentions with our behaviors. I am reemphasizing to my clients the need to create a support network for their coaching journeys.

Second, Tim Ferriss asked us to confront our fears and provided us with a structure by which to do so. While I think overcoming fears is not always responsive to a hyper-rational approach, the framework is actionable, future focused and manageable. For some clients, defining their fears may be more helpful than defining their future goals. Check out his great talk here.

Also, Emily Esfahani Smith talked to us about how to achieve meaning in life focused on story-telling as one of the four pillars. As a coach, story-telling is a powerful tool to help clients interpret (and reinterpret) events, situations and environmental cues from a more positive and adaptive perspective. And it is critical when thinking about career transition. I strongly encourage my clients to first assess and then consider reinterpreting their life narratives.

I deeply appreciate how attending TED supports me on my learning journey to be a better person, coach and consultant.