What does Sesame Street have in common with Facilitation?


ELMO = Enough, Let’s Move On. 

I am always building my facilitation toolkit and I picked up a new acronym this week that truly helps keep a workshop moving forward.  (I was at Wiley’s HQ in Minneapolis with 33 other authorized partners to learn more about DiSC  (a simple but not simplistic assessment tool to help people communicate better in the workplace).

Brilliant, right? ELMO is a safe way for anyone to politely voice frustration to the facilitator and other participants in order to get the conversation moving forward. When do you introduce ELMO? The ideal time is at the very beginning of the workshop when you are establishing the ground rules. I might even buy a small ELMO that can travel with me on my facilitation rounds!

Simple and effective.

And please contact me if you want more information about how DiSC can help you and your team to communicate more efficiently and effectively.