What I learned at TED 2018 from Frances Frei


Confession: I want to carry Frances Frei’s briefcase. I’d like to hang around her and hear more about what she has to say about leadership and how to build it. She talked about her work at Uber — Frei is known to have been central to Uber’s cultural transformation (no mean feat). Her TED talk focused on TRUST — the necessary context for organizations and individuals to thrive. I liked her simple framework for how to create trust. I use it in my coaching work.

Another person who has written a lot about the role of TRUST in building powerful teams is Patrick Lencioni. His best-selling book (with an unfortunate title) is “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.” Trust is at the base of his pyramid of the five behaviors to build a cohesive team. I have found his assessment tool using this framework to be transformational in my work coaching teams.